Every energy consuming item in the house can increase the inside temperature and add to the total electricity consumption,

by careful investigation that energy usage can be minimised!

COOLTEK has all its building materials and appliances  chosen for their low energy efficiency rating; the addition of a highly efficient solar thernal water heater and solar photovoltaic panels has directly reduced the electricity consumption

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Toshiba multi split inverter air conditioning unit is used, with R410A HFC (on CFC) refrigerant gas, claiming up to 40% energy saving over standard air conditioning units

Lighting provided by electronic fluorescent tubes  or low energy bulbs with no shades 

 Windows of large unobstructed clear glass, allowing more light to enter than tinted glass, and so they can be smaller in size

 External doors have double rubber seals and an ‘room air lock’ between the outside and the air conditioned area, helping to avoid the cooled air conditioned from escaping.

Toilets are fitted with economical flush valves reducing the water consumption

Floor cleaning done by an efficient central vacuum cleaning system, which ensures all the generated heat and noise is kept away from the living area 

All appliances have been chosen for their energy efficiency, eg refrigerator

MICROSOLAR water heater installed on the roof giving free hot water at greater than 80oC at all times

4.8kwp of Photovoltaic panels installed under SURIA 1000 initial project