Insulation can keep you cool as well as warm, 

save money by stopping your air conditioned air from escaping! 

COOLTEK was designed reversing the principle of our home England; in England, insulation keeps the heat in and here it is used to keep the heat out

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Load bearing walls free of heat conducting steel and concrete frame 

Aerated 250mm thick lightweight insulating block walls (79% of external vertical surface area), with 2mm thick adhesive thereby reducing the conduction of outside heat through the walls 

Double glazed, argon filled non-opening windows with low-emissivity coating equating to 21% of external vertical surface area to reduce the ingress of outside heat to the rooms. Double glazed windows also cuts down noise and condensation.

High Density Rockwool 50mm blanket above ceiling reduces the penetration of heat from the space below the roof into the rooms below

50mm Polyurethane layer below flooring to reduce the cool air conditioned air from conducting down into the foundation and ground below